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STRL Bench Tests Meet FDA Requirements!

Parasol Laboratories’ cutting-edge prototype, STRL, has successfully reached a 99.999% bacterial load reduction in its preliminary benchmark testing.

The patent pending technology has been able to fully inactivate several bacterial strains. They are, but not limited to, S. aureus, E. coli, and various strains of enterococci and streptococci.

As seen here, the yellow zone on the left plate is positive for S. aureus. After a thirty minute cycle in STRL - we were successful in fully inactivating the sepsis causing bacteria.

This level of sterility has successfully maintained for 48 hours while at room temperature and refrigerated conditions.

Similar to the test above - raw breast milk was positive in its cultivation for E. coli (as marked by the pink-red colonies found on the right plate). This infamous bacteria is known for food spoilage and food poisoning around the world. STRL has successfully inactivated 99.999% of E. coli colonies and has remained at this level for over 120 hours at room temperature and refrigerated environments.

Our brain heart infusion test measured multitudes of potentially harmful colonies in the streptococci & enterococci families. Our pasteurization method was successful in maintaining a 99.999% bacterial reduction in both refrigerated and room temperature for 72 hours.

Be sure to check back, as we continually release new results from the lab for the next 12 weeks!


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