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At Parasol Laboratories, our projects embody our commitment to pioneering healthcare innovation. Each endeavor is a reflection of our dedication to transforming biotechnology with a focus on practical, impactful solutions.


Introducing STRL, Parasol Laboratories' inaugural product, specifically engineered for breastmilk preservation. As our first major venture into healthcare innovation, STRL symbolizes our commitment to enhancing maternal and infant health. This compact, countertop device, designed to fit seamlessly into any home, brings a revolutionary approach to extending the shelf life of breastmilk, while preserving its essential nutrients and immunological benefits.

STRL is not just a product; it's a manifestation of our vision to provide practical, impactful solutions in healthcare. The concept render below offers a glimpse into the sophisticated design and functionality of STRL, reflecting our dedication to improving the breastfeeding journey for mothers globally.


As our flagship project, STRL paves the way for future innovations at Parasol Laboratories, all aimed at enriching lives and transforming global health.

STRL concept 1.jpg
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